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Super Junior Kim Heechul

In the previous entry, I introduced the 83-line member, Leeteuk, to you guys and now I’d like you to know about one more 83-line member. His name is Kim Heechul

Real name: Kim Heechul
Date of birth: 07/10/1983 (July 10th)
Nickname: Cinderella, Heenim or Flower (his fan called PETAL)

Heechul, as everybody knows. is really professtional in entertainment. He has proven that he not only has a good voice but also does very well on many variety shows.

-          As a singer:

He is doing very well as a member of Super Junior. He contributed his good voice in many songs. Although in the past, he showed his lack of his singing ability and received many harsh criticisms, immediately he overcame this and tried to improve himself. Audiences can regconize his effort.


You guys can listen to this song, named “Horn”, his solo in Super Junior Concert, Super Show 3

            -          As an MC:

Besides being a singer, he also tries to become a famous MC. He has hosted many music programs up to now. Always showing talking ability, he appeals audience’s attention into program easily.

-          As a DJ:

Now Kim heechul is hosting a radio program “SBS Youngstreet”. This is an interesting and famous radio show. With his sense of humor, he makes audience focus on his story on radio. Particularly, he said that just let everything happen naturally, which creates his own style and gains his popularity.


-          As an actor:

Before debuting as a singer, he starred in drama “Sharp 2” with Kibum in 2005. As a result, he continually appeared in many advertisements and became a popular actor. Then, he continued his acting career with a role in sitcom “Rainbow romance”, “The Gold Bride”….


-          As a citizen:

Despite being a celebrity, Heechul still spends his time surfing the Internet and sharing with his fans. In addition, he named himself “Space Star”, which attracted everybody’s attention. He has accounts on many social network such as Twitter, Facebook, Cyworld…Especially on Twitter, Heechul is becoming more and more popuplar with 469,693 followers. “Kim Heechul” is the term which is not strange to any citizens who use twitter. He topped 10 Trending Topic on twitter. Heechul becomes a hot topic because of his jokes and his funny pictures, videos uploaded on Twitter. He’s also considered to be Korea’s Justin Bieber. So surprised! Heechul is really suitable for the nickname “The space star”


This is my short introduction about Super Junior Kim Heechul. You guys can find out more about him on Internet or follow his twitter account @Heedictator  for more information :x

Super Junior's leader Leeteuk
now, we'll get to know more about members of Super Junior. First is the leader as well as the oldest :
Super Junior Leeteuk

Real name: Park Jungsoo
Nickname: Peter Pan, Angel without wings
Birthday: 07/01/1983 (January 7th)
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 59 kg
Blood type: A
Hobbies: singing, composing, listening to music and surfing the Internet

Leeteuk became a trainee in SM Entertainment in 2000 through an audition. After 6 years being a trinee, finally he can debuted as a singer of boyband named Super Junior. Because of the coincidence with other celebrities, he decided to change his name into Leeteuk ( in korean, it means: "to become a special person in this world")

Successfully debuted, he showed audience his ability in many fields:

- Being a singer, Leeteuk show his good singing ability in many hit such as: Twins, Don't Don, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana....Because of the number of member, he only sing a few words in each song. But recebtly, he has shown his good voice in a duet song "Grumbling" with f(x) Krystal, which made audience surprise and this song was appreciated by everyone. Just listen to this song if you have time (i am totally sure that you'll like it at the first time)

- Besides singing, Leeteuk is also one of the best dancers in Super Junior. he's always chosen to attend many dance battle in TV programes. Let's enjoy this video:

 Credit: @youtube

- Not only singing, dancing, Leeteuk also show his ability as a leader. He alwways takes care of younger members of group. He was even chosen as the best leader in a vote in many citizen vote and Arirang's Pops in Seoul.  This is a clear example of his power as a leader in a 13- member boyband.

- Leeteuk is clearly a talent celebrity. He is not only active in the fields of singing, dancing but he's also trying many other fields especially MC or actor. He has been MC for many veriety show, for example Strong heart, Kiss the radio
MBC Idol Show Season 1, Star king,50 million great questions. He hosts many show successfully and become more and more popular. Particularly, he's specially successfull in "Strong heart" (a talk show in Korea) with other members (Shindong and Eunhyuk)  or "star King". As a result, at the end of 2009, he and Enhyuk and Boom (also an MC) won  Best Newcomer Awardin KBS for their effort. 

- In group, he is a powerful leader. In audience's points, he's a talent  person. And in ELF's heart (fanclub of Super Junior), he's a warm person, who always shows his love to fans, his caring to fans. He is completely an angel to every ELFs. 


All things above are just some remarkable features of Super Junior's angel. But i hope you can pay more attention to him and support him in the future. If possible, you can watch more Super Junior show to get to know about this specil person. Hope you guys like this ^^


Super Junior

This is a Korean boyband named Super junior with 13 members, the most crowded boyband in Korea as well as Asia

Super Junior is under the managerment of SM Entertainment

They are consider now to one of the top groups in Korean music industry


Let's find out more about them in next entries ^^


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